"To heal the broken hearted and set the captives free..." Isaiah 61:1

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Paraclete Ministries is accountable to a Board of Directors consisting of four men and two women. It is also recognized by federal (IRS) and state offices as a non-profit organization.

Paraclete Ministries, Our History

The vision of Paraclete Ministries was birthed in the early 1970's when Wes Wheatley realized that small groups, centered in the Lord Jesus Christ, minister to one another more effectively than in secular programs. It was in the mid-1980's while Wes was pastoring in a local congregation in Minneapolis, MN that the vision began to take shape during small, weekly classes of individuals wanting to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
In 1987 seven men and women (including Wes and Gretchen) met weekly to pray and wait on the Lord. Out of those meeting times the materials for the Vessel Training classes were birthed. The ministry was incorporated in 1988 with the help of many intercessors, servants, prayer ministers and part-time workers. God blessed us with affordable office space and churches opened their doors for the Vessel Training classes and Prayer Ministry opportunities. The Godly Warriors, Gentle Mens class was birthed in the early 1990's out of Wes' own experiences and the desires of other men seeking emotional freedom and spiritual victory through Christ-centered principles.

About the Founders

Wesley & Gretchen Wheatley Rev. Wesley N. and Gretchen Wheatley both received their Bachelor of Science degrees at Concordia Teacher's College, Seward, NE and taught school in Long Island City, NY. Wes received his Master's degree in Ed. Psychology at St. John's University in NYC and is an ordained minister.

His lifetime vision is to train and disciple people in fulfilling their God given gifts. His ministerial call is to "Heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free". Wes has been in ministry since 1966 and has done street ministry and youth work in New York City, has been a Jr. high school teacher, choir director, Christian Ed. Director, counselor and pastor. Wes is credentialed with and is a member of International Ministerial Fellowship of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and Gretchen have been married years, have four married children and 11 grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren! Wes and Gretchen share responsibilities in the on-going work of Paraclete Ministries.